Dutchess is a Golden Retriever who works with people with autism. Born in 2003, a hereditary illness claimed her
eyesight in 2011. Her loving owner Mark Condon is grateful that her gregarious personality remained unchanged and she is able to continue her therapy work.


Winner 2013 Family Choice Award


Article in the Huffington Post - http://www.huffingtonpost.com/jeryl-brunner/dutchess-blind-therapy-dog_b_4384588.html

Now Dutchess Stars in her first book
A Day with Dutchess
Life Lessons from a Blind Therapy Dog

Dutchess is a blind therapy dog with a gentle and joyful heart. In A Day With Dutchess, she shows her canine friend Droopy how small actions can make a world of difference. Join them as they work with children at the local autism center, sample treats at their favorite pet boutique, and organize an adoption fair to help lonely dogs and cats find their loving forever homes.

ISBN 978-0-6157642-9-0     $10.95


    Play Dutchess' Tennis Ball Challenge from A Day with Dutchess. Click on the ball to find a clue!


I am proud to be an animal ambassador for HeARTs Speak, an international organization of artists dedicated to increasing animal adoption and ultimately, reducing the number of adoptable animals unnecessarily euthanized in shelters around the world each year. Please click the logo to learn more about the work of HeARTs Speak.
I am pleased to announce that I am now volunteering for Canine Link, a newly-formed, non-profit therapy dog group. Please visit the Canine Link web page and Facebook page  to learn more about our work.
Here are some articles about Canine Link's work:  Click paws      

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E-mail Dutchess at DutchessTheDog@earthlink.net

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